It’s Either All True Or Not At All

God formed the universe on the Law of Reciprocity. Newton’s Third Law Of Motion proves this. Medicine proves it with the human body seeking Homeostasis. It is an established legal and social doctrine. The existence of Natural Phenomenon has no other explanation but Divine Providence. Events that are not engineered or manufactured by humans yet effect their lives can only be explained by some form of Divine Creation.

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As a lover of science and logic, I think very rationally. As a Christian, I have a love and need for the Word of God. The Bible has countless astonishing stories that practically all non-believers and even some Christians find difficult to believe. Pure skepticism is natural, but when you just outright reject the Bible without really searching for the evidence which is present everywhere, it separates you from the Almighty. Today’s post is about the moral and historical inerrancy of the Bible and why what we can’t prove 100% falls in line with the need for faith.

Some may accept historical aspects alone, but that is essentially the same as not believing any of the Word. The parting of the Red Sea, crumbling of Jericho’s walls due to sound, a worldwide flood, Jesus walking on water, and creation in six days are some examples that come to mind that…

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