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dumbunny  I remember clearly when I became the dumb bunny.  The stupid bitch.  The cunt.  While these names had always been used, for my abuser, once he had pulled me away from my paralegal career, once I had given birth, I had become the stupidest person on earth.  To this day, he stills views me as one of the stupidest humans he has ever met.

I remember clearly when it became HIS house, not mine.  He had told me I didn’t need to be on the deed.  We were married.  He was going to take care of me.  I asked several times and even tried to insist when we signed our Wills that I be put on it. Even the attorney who now brings me into court on his behalf thought I should be on the deed.  I was smart in not choosing to fight over that.  The law protects…

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