Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “Maxine Waters Mixes Up Putin For Pence”

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Video Marshall W Thompson, Sr ” I’m Your Huckleberry
Maxine Waters Mixes Up Putin For Pence
by Washington Free Beacon
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Rolling Stone: Why Professional Cuddling Is Booming Under Trump!

Hey, I saw this on Rolling Stone and thought you’d be interested in it:


How to Flag Fake News on Facebook –

Facebook users can report stories in their news feeds that they suspect are fake. We’ll show you how.

Sourced through from:

Social Media is the Mother of Fake News, Scammers, Trolls, Pedophiles, Manwhores, False Flags and Porn redirects.

LEAKS! WASH POST obtains FULL transcripts of president’s confidential talks with Mexico and Australia… Developing… from Bloglovin’​ ​
LEAKS! WASH POST obtains FULL transcripts of president’s confidential talks with Mexico and Australia… Developing… from the blog Drudge Report Feed

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Welcome, I prove Newton’s third law of Motion correct. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If something enters my mind it comes out of my mouth! from Bloglovin’

Welcome, I prove Newton’s third law of Motion correct. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If something enters my mind it comes out of my mouth! from the blog Posts by MARSHALL THOMPSON

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photo 178324429229526
photo 178324429229526


Trump Has Quietly Accomplished More Than It Appears

The chaos, legislative fumbling, and legal jeopardy should not obscure the ways that the administration is remaking federal policy in consequential ways.

Read More:​ {LINK}​

Lock up the leakers? Sessions to unveil crackdown, as Kelly gets White House staff in line | FOX News

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is set to announce a major crackdown on leakers this week, in the latest sign the administration is pushing to run a tighter ship as John Kelly seizes the reins as White House chief of staff.​ {LINK}


Click on the links below and note a couple of sites listed that are to be careful visiting or having accounts with!!



1. G+ Communities-Groups

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7. Friends Requests

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If you Want to be happy all the time in life? Must read the secret of happy life .

An interesting article posted by my new friend ANKURCHAUDHARI on how happiness and unhappiness are connected to Karma. A topic I have written about numerous times. In the Christian faith, we call Karmatic Principles by the Hebrew interpretation know as “The Law of Reciprocity” Basically the same thing, i.e you get what you deserve or as Jesus put it “Do unto others…” #PeaceMarshall

Story of my life

Hello, friend’s

Today we talk about our own life. Every humans want to be happy all the time in thair life . Not to surprise it is our by default nature. Life is so hard live wefeel so many times in our life . But we don’t think every that , Why life is so hard to life . Why it is so difficult for everyone. And why do we have to suffer.Whereas we just wanted happiness. Why ? Why it’s happening with every one ? Let’s think about it .

For understand Secret of happy life . We have to understand what is life .

In my opinion life is a reflection of our KARMA . It means our KARMA decide our future . Indian scripture is clearly and loudly teach use KARMA. They are said thatKARMA SE BADA KHUCH BHI NAHI KARMA HI SAAB KUCH HE .

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Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “Lone Wolf – Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone”

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Lone Wolf – Motivational Video For All Those Fighting Battles Alone
by Team Fearless
The hardest walk you can make is the walk you make alone, but that is the walk that makes you the strongest. That is the walk that builds your character the most.

LONE WOLF – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation
DOWNLOAD or STREAM the track to any device, WORLDWIDE!
iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Rhapsody, Apple Music or AmazonMP3 – Details here: …

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Marshall Thompson sent you a video: “My Slideshow”

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My Slideshow
by Marshall Thompson
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (…
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Sen John McCain: Public Enemy #1


Let Mr. McCain pay for his cancer treatment with Obama Care and make all of Congress lose their exception to the ACA granted to them by King Obama after they begged like a crybaby bitch!

Here is what we can do, 1. Urge POTUS Trump to resend the exception by Executive Order and stop all funding for health coverage, private facilities, perks and life long pensions. 2. Contact your congressman or woman. 3. Contact McCain himself.

Below you will find links to Pres. Trump and Sen. McCain. Tap on the links to be taken to those sites and find the contact us section.



@SenJohnMcCain – Twitter


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The Reason You Should Disagree With Your Parents

Every one of us who grew up and now have children of our own (I saw the birth of my first Grand Child in 2015) can relate to this in his or her own way. I am already seeing the evolution of change from how my parents were influenced to how my son interacts with my Grand Daughter and I can’t wait to take my role as Grand Father. I pray that my influences are half as positive as I now see my fathers were on me! #PeaceMarshall



When I was a small boy I didn’t like vegetables; they were multi-coloured, bland and good for me. Any English northern boy worth his salt wouldn’t touch such a thing. I wanted ‘yellow’ food – chips, deep fried chicken, pizza and more chips – with a side of chips. It is fair to say, my parents did not agree. Then there was the time my parents wanted to go to their Godson’s christening, but I wanted to stay at home and play video games. Once again, they disagreed*.

This is a common feature among households, parents just don’t seem to agree with their children. And equally, children don’t seem to agree with their parents.

Now this is for a very good reason. Your parents have lived 20 to 30 years longer than you. So even if they aren’t the best parents on earth, they know enough to know that a diet…

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Bonnie & Clyde

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 I grew up 50 miles from where Bonnie & Clyde were killed in North Louisiana and have stood at the exact spot. I have gone to the Festival and the Trade Days events several times. There is a tiny private museum in Gibsland, La. pop – 500. Several famous pro athletes are from that area, Louisiana Tech and Grambling are very close.




They were ambushed minutes after leaving Gibsland, La.

Bill proposes panel that could remove Trump

Dummycrats, Crooked Hillary, MSMBC, CNN, CBS, Hollywood, Bill “An erection lasting 4 hours” Clinton, etc…









Is this the face of Doc Holliday?

One of the originals “American BadAss” A Southerner from a prominent family and a Dentist. The war between the states bankrupted the family and he developed TB so he became a gambler and left the South. He hooked up with Big Nose Kate and moved from town to town. Many historians believe that Doc fired the first shot at the O.K. Corral
He never backed down and betrayed his honor.


Elena Sandidge Westerns

The first question that I had after watching Tombstone was “What did the real Doc Holliday look like?” At the time I was living in Scotland and the internet was not what it is now, so this question was a hard one to answer. I don’t know how many libraries I had to troll through before I finally found a gunfighter book that had a photograph. I found several other examples of Doc photos months after the first. Then more questions, “Does this guy look like the other?” “Is this really him?”

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“I’m your huckleberry…” – A Guide to Doc Holliday Slang

So you’ve seen the movie Tombstone and the scene where Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo fight and now you’re wondering what on earth “I’m your huckleberry” means. It’s on…

Source: “I’m your huckleberry…” – A Guide to Doc Holliday Slang 



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Marshall “I’m Your Huckleberry” Thompson shared Uncle Sam Calling, Hello Assclowns I’m Back with you

As Confederate Monuments Come Down, Teachers Wrestle With Class Discussion

Being from New Orleans and watching history being raped by a mayor whose family business has been far left politics for 100 years including local, state and federal for the sole purpose of pandering to a 70% minority population in order to get “the slave quarters” and carpet baggers vote is more than I can digest. Political correctness at it’s finest hour. The class discussion should be that we learn from History not by erasing it! I had kin that died during the war between the states. They owned no slaves. They fought for states rights. My grandfather was a sharecropper. While there is still time study the period starting with reconstruction till today and you will see who the real slave owners were and still are. 


Talking about the statues can open up rich conversations for students, but teachers need to be prepared.

Source: As Confederate Monuments Come Down, Teachers Wrestle With Class Discussion 


What’s Wrong With the Democrats?



Laughter Is The Best Medicine

What’s the best health advice ever? LAUGH AT LEAST 15 MINUTES EVERY DAY! It has been scientifically proven to make you healthier. 10 Health benefits of laughter Reduces stress Protects the heart Boosts the immune system Relieves pain Improves sleep quality and reduce insomnia Improves your social life Helps you lose weight Keeps you young […]

via Feel Good Friday: The Best Health Advice Ever — The Purple Almond 


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The Atlantic: The Atlantic Daily: Comey Speaks

A Senate hearing becomes must-see TV, the U.K. votes, the UN reports on ISIS’s destruction, and more

This is the Heading for an article  The Atlantic Daily via their online newsletter June 8, 2017. I watched Comey’ testimony before Congress and this article is NOT about that event. It is 180* from the truth. A perfect example of Main Stream Media bias and Fake News! Read for yourself. I am calling “BULLSHIT”


The link to the article about Comey’s testimony before Congress is below

Read this: 


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Editing is like Detoxing for writers!

This article from Stephanie Hurt is a very important FYI that is not just for editing Books, it is a Life Lessons for human beings. At some point in life, we each need to face reality, accept the truth and fearlessly do an inventory of ourselves. ” The truth will set you free once you realize what has you captive”

Stephanie Hurt - Romance Author


Good morning! As you can see, I’m eating healthy. This week I’m doing a mild Grapefruit detox, trying to get the bad stuff out of my system so I can jumpstart this summer weight loss. So far it’s working, but we’ll see…

Editing… That word that writers have a love-hate relationship with. But if you think about it, Editing is like detoxing the work. When we write, we go straight to the point of the matter, but sometimes, we need to take a step back. We need to analyze what we’ve written.

Take for example: Words misused or misspelled. If left to sit in the gut of the manuscript, it will weigh your work down. Here’s a piece of advice from someone that sent out a piece of work that had some extra unwanted weight, for this example we’ll call it sludge. Don’t let your baby go out without making sure…

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Game On!

I like to think my blog observes good netiquette. This means that I try to abide by the rules of the officers’ mess, as explained to me by my father who served in WWII – rules designed …

Source: Game On!  

A common scene outlook on Politics. The article by makes the comparison between football and politics in today’s political climate. Basically, he points out that in both, who wins depends on who scores more times, makes the fewest mistakes, has the best defense, home field advantage gets penalized the least. He also decries that our country faces tremendous challenges and we need to change the rules of the game and become one team.


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America’s Broken Democracy — Eideard “BULLSHIT” Combating Liberals!

America’s Broken Democracy

via America’s Broken Democracy  (link)

I am calling “BULLSHIT” on this article America’s Broken Democracy by Eideard. He asserts that Trump is a Narcissist and his incoherent ramblings are something only Kings and Dictators have in common, not POTUS. The Paris Accord and Trump’s decisions on Immigration and Executive Directives have transformed America into a Dictatorship. More Fake News and “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is speeding down a hill like a “SnowFlafe” headed for Hell. Soon, the Dummycrats and Heil Obamas will develop a diagnosable full out “Chicken Little Personality Disorder”- similar to a Sociopath or Anti-Social. The only Narcissists are the Main Stream Media, Late Night TV hosts, and Hollywood. By the way, true narcissism’s have “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”, look it up. The main thing is that the USA has never been a Democracy we are a Republic that practices a democratic form of government. Do you like apples? If you do, how did you like them apples?


To my haters and the haters of the 1st & 2nd Amendments, I would like to introduce my businesses partners Mr. Smith and Mr. Wession.

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Reminder: You’re invited to join Combating Liberals on Slack

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Facebook Group I Created (open) : Combating Liberals





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The Liberal Left Collective:The Liberal Left Collective

Resource To Use “Combating Liberals”

Blog: The Liberal Left Collective


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1424463 541352105956126 790930470 n 


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The Great Betrayal of Middle America

Trump Derangement Syndrome

The writer of the article linked from The Beast’s Blog is proof that the “Chicken Little Personality Disorder” is spreading. He changed the talking points from “Basket of Deplorable’s” to “A Up-Rising of Peasants” According to Mr. Webster, a peasant is a poor farmer of low social status. Further, the author contends that before Pres. Trump was elected, he simply conducted a consumer survey to find a “TAG” that would get him elected.

The Great Betrayal of Middle America

The people who wanted Donald Trump to halt the rule of their “betters” are having a rude awakening.
What is it? – Warcraft Peasant by Carancerth via


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Semper Fi “Allways Faithfull”

via Lone Marine Holds Salute For 3 Hours To Honor Fallen 

I remember watching this take place as the ROLLING THUNDER MOTORCYCLES were arriving in Washington DC. Some of the riders would stop and salute back as the Marine stood holding his salute with sweat pouring from his face and near collapse, I became emotional.

Watch the video of this event at RESHAREWORTHY.COM or on Facebook.

A Stark Contrast to the event unfolding before us today! @Combating Liberals Slack Team (Blog & Facebook Page/Group – Marshall W Thompson, Sr.) Join Us!

vintage american flag mj2jnq o l1
vintage American flag mj2jnq o l1

Combating Liberals

Combating Liberals


Let Me Introduce Myself To Non-Bloggers

My name is Marshall Thompson. I am a retired professional and now own a Blog that is part of my Non-Profit Organization “MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR – I’m Your Huckleberry” listed thru Google Business; Mentoring and Advocacy. The Blog can be read or followed even if you’re not a blogger yourself. I will provide links as to how. Now, the reason for this post is to invite you to be apart of a Team I started “Combating Liberals” Here is how:

1. Contact me @

2. Friend Me @ FB and I will add you to the group

3. Like my FB page.

    ( Any 1 of 3 will suffice )

Facebook: FB.ME or M.ME

My Facebook Page {follow blog and post yourself}

My Website (Blog/Portfolio/Bio/Sites)

Bloglovin (Follow My Blog or search for Blogs you like – get an e-mail sent…

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King Solomon, Why God Created Us, Post Six (u/d) just provided those suffering from the Mental Disorder ” Trump Derangement Syndrome ” with a cure. A variation of – What Would Jesus Do. #PeaceMarshall


Rudy u Martinka

Is it possible in our story to interest God about our envy?

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Dear Kathy Griffin…

Now you know why I have been posting about “Combating Liberals” They are suffering from a mental disorder called Trump Derangement Syndrome. A condition that occurs when all reality leaves a person. This syndrome progresses into a full blown Personality Disorder similar to an Anti-Social or Sociopath. It is called the “Chicken Little Personality Disorder” Thomas Payne who said ” I may not agree with what you say. But I will defend to the death your right to say it” is turning over in his grave so the liberals can kiss his ass. Please feel free to tell then they can kiss my ass also! #PeaceMarshall



Mainstream media outlets are dropping the ball with terrorism coverage. Wonder Why?


Combating Liberals on Slack: New Account Details




Being a millennial New Yorker and actor, I’d like to think I’ve got pretty thick skin.

Getting rejected is par for the course in the entertainment industry. The city doesn’t do you any favors — just try battling the check out lines at Whole Foods at 3pm on a Sunday.  Heck, even the squirrels seems to have a certain undeniable hutzpah on these streets.

Really, nothing quite comes as a shock to me anymore, for better or for worse.


Earlier this week, opening up my Buzzfeed app to find Kathy Griffin’s infamous photo of her, carrying the bloodied head of a decapitated President Donald Trump…I literally stopped in my tracks.


Just. No.

And I have a few words.

This is not okay. I don’t care how much you hate the President or his policies, that went. too far.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is one of –…

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13 Struggles Everyone In Louisiana Can Relate 

You take the good you take the bad, right? A few examples: 1. We Love LSU but the football games against Alabama will give us a heart-a-stroke. Plus, Nick Saban is the anti-christ. Mardi Gras is an event everyone should add to their bucket list. However, all traffic in or out of New Orleans is by foot or swimming the Mississippi. Many states have sink holes. We have pot holes. The very same outcome! North and South Louisiana regions should be their own states. I grew up in Monroe which is in North East Louisiana. You know, it is where Duck Dynasty and the bearded millionaire’s live. I was transferred to South East Louisiana just below New Orleans when I got promoted. It was the same as waking up on Mars. Click the link below and you will see the full article from Only In Your state. Sign up and find out about your own state. Here is their link.

Only In Your State

Est 1957   #PeaceMarshall


Source: 13 Struggles Everyone In Louisiana Can Relate To

Here Are 10 Things You’ll Never Catch Anyone From Louisiana Doing

You’ll love these!

Source: Here Are 10 Things You’ll Never Catch Anyone From Louisiana Doing {link}


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Fyodor Dostoyevsky Quote: 

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Quote: “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”

Source: Fyodor Dostoyevsky Quote: “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot…”

This is my most favorite Quotes!                                               #PeaceMarshall


First He Became an American—Then He Joined ISIS


When the FBI discovered a network of Bosnian-Americans giving support to terrorists, they also discovered Abdullah Ramo Pazara, a U.S. citizen and a battalion commander in Syria.

Read More:




Read British Police Decry Apparent U.S. Leaks Of Manchester Attack Evidence on Scribd

Hi there,
I’m reading “British Police Decry Apparent U.S. Leaks Of Manchester Attack Evidence” from NPR on Scribd and thought you might like it.
Check it out:

With Scribd, you can dive deep into the interests that matter to you. Get access to books, audiobooks, articles and more – all for less than the price of a paperback. Become a member today and start reading. Find out more at:

day of remembrance


Today is Monday and a national holiday here in the United States.  We celebrate Memorial Day today to honor those that have died while in service fighting in any war.

Image1 Image Provided by:

But as usual, with most holidays, we decide to celebrate it for something else.  Memorial Day is now celebrated as the unofficial start of summer, picnics and camping season.

Image2 Image Provided by:

From Keystone RV Company website article ‘Why You Should Never Wish Someone a “Happy Memorial Day”’ –

Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day as a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America.  Since Memorial Day honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation you should not wish someone a “Happy Memorial Day.”

The above-mentioned article has ‘11 Facts You Didn’t Know about Memorial Day’ – click the link…

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Sexual Intercourse In Heaven

Fascinating! Another marvelously written essay from my friend who always takes on complex and even taboo subject matter. You may never hear such teachings from a pulpit where it should come from but you will from this Blog. It takes courage to go against the status quo and drain the ” Swamp aka Religions ” A wise man once told me that Religion is for people who do not want to go to Hell. Spirituality is for people who have been to Hell and do not want to go back! #PeaceMarshall

Father Son and Holy Spirit – three essentials in one God

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

Heaven would not be heaven unless one could continue to partake in all the enjoyments and pleasures of life after the death of the physical body. This includes marriage and sexual intercourse.

To grasp this we have to take into account that heaven is not in time and space. Therefore, if individuals are enjoying life in the spiritual world, without a physical body, they must have spiritual bodies. Without the appropriate organic form, pleasure has no substantive subject by which it can really exist.

However, since spiritual bodies are non-physical, their organic forms, whether we are talking about a penis or vagina, can only be understood as the embodiment of the qualities of one’s heart and mind (which is one’s true spirit).

All spiritual bio-complexity consists of one’s true inner reality given real substantive and non-physical organic form. In other words, in the spiritual world non-material organs are generated out…

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God, Breathe On Us!

The Apostle Gabriel Cross is my mentor and spiritual rudder. I know, like Paul, that I am the Cheif among sinners and have not yet mastered the “turn the other cheek” standard set by Jesus. I am more like Peter in that I am quick to cut off an ear and Paul who at times had no filter. The Apostle has a way of chastisement so much like my father had. I reject authority but take notice when Apostle Cross speaks. #PeaceMarshall

Trust God

Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub

Discouraged? God has great plans for each of you. God’s love and faithfulness never fail because he never gives up, on you. Hold to hope, in him.

Breathe, breath of God, on us. Breathe over our dead dreams, our destiny not yet fulfilled. Our cry, dead bones come alive!  Out of the ashes, let us see arise hope, faith, fresh life and love. You, Faithful God, never fail us!

Your breath brings life, love and fresh hope. We look to you and your light floods us. You, Lord are our provision. We receive your breath, today that refreshes us!

Again He said to me, “Prophesy to these bones, and say to them, ‘O dry bones, hear the word of the Lord!  Thus says the Lord God to these bones: “Surely I will cause breath to enter into you, and you shall live. I will put…

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UNICEF USAVoice: Horror Upon Horror As Gas Attacks Kill Syria’s Children  

Psychology of Terrorism  {link}                                                                                 The Syrian conflict wreaks havoc on the most vulnerable.

Source: UNICEF USAVoice: Horror Upon Horror As Gas Attacks Kill Syria’s Children


The only good Terrorist is a dead one – Marshall Thompson

Father Son and Holy Spirit – three essentials in one God

A complex concept that trips many people up. Well explained by #PeaceMarshall

Father Son and Holy Spirit – three essentials in one God

Im ashamed to die until i have won some victory for humanity.(Horace Mann)

God is Love

Uniquely among the great monotheistic faiths Christianity proclaims a Holy or Divine Trinity in the one God. For theologians and ordinary believers alike this has proved to be a difficult and even divisive teaching. If God is clearly distinguished into the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit how does he remain at the same time one whole and undivided Being? Some simply cannot believe it, others try to accept it as a mystery beyond human understanding, and even among those who have understood it very few see it as a powerful message with which to win new converts. Yet in presenting himself to us as both one and three, God is surely trying to tell us something very important about how he works with us.

Many modern believers start from the first principle that God is love [1 John 4:16 NRSV]. A loving God will never stand apart and…

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My Top 20 Inspirational Quotes: Damon Ashworth Psy

20. “A Year From Now You Will Wish You Had Started Today.” — Karen Lamb 19. “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson 18. “T…

Source: My Top 20 Inspirational Quotes {link}

Damon Ashworth – website link


I threw in a few of my own for good messure. All of my most cherished quotes were from Mr. Kenneth W Thompson, my father. 

” If you are looking for sympathy son it is in the dictionary between sex and syphilis ”

” Never put hot coffee in a cold cup ”

” The best emplpoyee motivation is work or get fired ”



Combating Liberals

Let Me Introduce Myself To Non-Bloggers

My name is Marshall Thompson. I am a retired professional and now own a Blog that is part of my Non-Profit Organization “MARSHALL W THOMPSON, SR – I’m Your Huckleberry” listed thru Google Business; Mentoring and Advocacy. The Blog can be read or followed even if you’re not a blogger yourself. I will provide links as to how. Now, the reason for this post is to invite you to be apart of a Team I started “Combating Liberals” Here is how:

1. Contact me @

2. Friend Me @ FB and I will add you to the group

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    ( Any 1 of 3 will suffice )

Facebook: FB.ME or M.ME

My Facebook Page {follow blog and post yourself}

My Website (Blog/Portfolio/Bio/Sites)

Bloglovin (Follow My Blog or search for Blogs you like – get an e-mail sent to you with the articles I post “FREE”


A few of the articles I have written

                     “Combating Liberals “

King Solomon, Why God Created Us, Post Six (u/d)


LSU Students Petition to Change Mascot Due to Apparent Racism


Dear Kathy Griffin…

Mainstream media outlets are dropping the ball with terrorism coverage. Wonder Why?


Special Report: The Psychology of Terrorism


Invite your teammates to Slack: ” Combating Liberals “


Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me !!




The Women’s March and the Erasure of Women and what they were replaced by

Combating Liberal Faustusum and The Dummycractic Nazi Party of Obamastan

Featured Image -- 7421       How the Women’s March was stolen for women 

What the March was supposed to promote and represents, was not it’s hidden agenda which those supporting it knew nothing about!

Not The News in Briefs

On Saturday January 21st the Women’s March on Washington took place in order to protest the potential effects the election of president Donald Trump would have on women’s rights in the USA. Conceived of by women, organised by women, networked and shared by women and overwhelmingly attended by women, the Women’s March became a chance for women worldwide to join in solidarity with their American sisters, and march for women’s rights in towns and cities all over the world. And this is what women did, in large numbers and in many places.

It is quite clear from the pictures that this was a women’s event, though it was by no means exclusionary – anyone could attend, but the focus was on women. In the UK for example there were many feminist and women’s groups represented:

It was a powerful opportunity to get across whichever feminist message meant the most to…

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Content Recommendations: How They Work: Websites and Blogs -Marshall Thompson 

rContent recommendations have become effective tools for website owners. Here’s how we’ve developed our content recommendation widgets.

Source: Content Recommendations: 

One of the ways terrorists are funded is Internet. ISSUS is #1. They have a very sophisticated Cyber Crime system they use. Widgets, Bots, Redirects, False accounts, Communities, Groups, Websites, Computer Hacks and Shopping online with debit or credit cards. The Russians being blamed by Clinton and Dummycrats as the reason she lost does not pass the smell test, #FALSE FLAG #FAKE NEWS. The point of fact is that “All Hail  Obama” tried to steal the election from Trump and “Redirect” to the Nazi Dummicratic Party lead by “Heil Hilliary” All this was accomplished using Internet and Computer Tech. Social Media is the new Hide-Out or Hole In The Wall for the modern day versions of Outlaws and Gangsters, Terrorist and Political Organizations.


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14947812 281496008917888 5957930407781848084 n1

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With one snarky sentence, Pat Sajak sums up how we all feel about ‘fake news’

The venerable game show host, fed up with fake news — and purveyors of fake news — took to social media to express his disgust with one snarky tweet.

Sourced through from:

Pat Sajak host of the long running TV game show and the ageless Vana White’s drinking buddy sums up fake news and the publics ” I would rather watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians or OJ Simpson Jumping Suit Cases ” disgust with fake news. In a play off of The Brady Bunch, “Russia Russia Russia” I term it!     #PeaceMarshall

Spot Fake News sites: Fake news blocker browser extensions & plugins

Use these extensions & plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Edge to identify Fake News websites & block fake news – BS Detectors, Fake News Alert, Fakeblok, FIB, etc.

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Spot, Identify and block Fake News websites with extensions and plugins for browsers, i.e Chrome, Firefox and Edge, Technology has caught up to this Internet cancer with a cure called BS DETECTORS. I have the Chrome extension and was shocked to find many of my favorite sites were actually “Enquiring Minds Want To Know”  I will eat crow and confess some were “We Report. You Decide”  and were both Conservative & “The Clinton News Network” each with its.  own agenda  #PeaceMarshall

Why give it a go?

Another “NUGGET” from my friend XP NUGGETS


Have you ever thought of trying something new and you hesitated? Maybe you thought to yourself…Me do that? No way! That won’t work.

There’s something to be said about taking a vision & giving it everything you got. You may not accomplish what you set out to, or the end result isn’t what you expected. But at the end of it all, there’s something special in the process. A different kind of sensation. The simple act of giving it your all & not giving up until the very end. It’s special. It brings you to a serene state of mind, a calming effect. Knowing that you clocked in 110% allows you to hang your hat with pride. Be proud of yourself. Think of it like this “Hey you know what, I gave it a go.” If you give it a go. Many, Many doors will open for you.

A friend came…

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Dealing with Disruptive and Dysfunctional Coworkers

Dealing with Disruptive and Dysfunctional Coworkers- Let’s admit it. Not all bosses and coworkers are pleasant. Many are, but many others are offensive, uncooperative, jealous, rancorous, cantankerous and what not.

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My Life’s History